When parents separate, access visits with children may be a problem. For various reasons the custodial parent may have concerns regarding access parents having unsupervised visits with their children. As well, difficulties sometimes arise between the parents at the time of exchange of the children. 


The Supervised Access Centre offers separated families a way to deal with some of these problems. The Centre also provides a large, child friendly play centre where visits and exchanges can take place under the supervision of trained staff and volunteers. 





Dalhousie Place is currently open for limited on-site and off-site services due to the "stay at home" order.  Any on-site services include enhanced safety protocols. 

In addition, virtual supervised parenting access and programming are

available at both Centres.  Contact the office for more details.

Mission Statement

The Brantford and District Supervised Access Centre offers safe, neutral, child-focused services including supervised visits, exchanges and support for families.

Staff and volunteers operate under the guidelines of the Ministry of the Attorney General. All volunteers are screened, complete a 6 session training program and participate in on-going training throughout their service. 

Staff and volunteers sign a confidentiality statement, under penalty of dismissal, to maintain client confidentiality. Client information is not passed from one parent to the other or to a third party without written authorization.

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